Zello: Push-to-Talk App for Transportation Teams

From drivers to dispatchers to shift supervisors, transportation teams collaborate better using Zello.
Drivers and dispatchers need the right communication tool for successful pickup and delivery. Zello’s push-to-talk app runs alongside dispatch software on both desktop and mobile, so your team connects at the simple push of a button. With a communication tool designed for drivers and dispatchers, your team can focus on improving on-time delivery and turnaround rates.

Communicate Globally
Remove obstacles like interference and distance – no need for expensive radio towers and wiring.

Choose Accessories
Communicate in noisy environments with easy-to-use accessories from Honeywell, Sonim, Telo, and more.

Solve Problems
Quickly resolve truck breakdowns, locked customer gates, or unknown driver locations.

"Training drivers to use Zello took all of 10 minutes. You can't get any simpler than that!"
- Andrew Eger, Communications and Distribution Technology Manager at Concrete Ready Mix Products
Benefits Radio Carrier PTT
Central management via web console
Unlimited range (WiFi & data)
Mix any carrier data or WiFi
Choose your hardware & accessories
Live location tracking
Replay messages later
Dedicated priority customer support

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Zello Dispatch Hub

Dispatch Hub is Zello's newest solution specifically for the transportation industry, addressing the particular communication needs of drivers and dispatchers. Dispatch Hub improves the efficiency of your operations by immediately connecting drivers to the first available dispatcher.

The new desktop application for dispatchers adds commonly requested features to Zello. Now dispatchers automatically share the call load as driver requests enter a queue. That means faster response times, fewer missed calls, and more on-time deliveries.

In dispatch channels, drivers only speak to dispatchers, who reply back to each driver individually. Now your fleet has immediate access to all dispatchers without distracting other drivers every time they call dispatch.

Promote Driver Safety

Zello is compatible with hands-free accessories for drivers to use safely on the road – no more distracted driving. Live voice transmissions can be replayed when convenient and safe. Dispatchers can track drivers' locations using live GPS maps and historical breadcrumbs.

Learn more about how a concrete transportation company improved its bottom line while keeping drivers safe.