Message replay and archiving

Access any and all messages, conversations, and media with robust and easily configurable local and server-side storage.

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Listen in real-time or anytime

Zello’s unrivalled message playback features and controls enable asynchronous working, so team members can catch up when their hands are free.

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Replay messages anytime

Listen now, or listen later. Whether attending to a critical patient or getting a delivery of cement to a customer before it hardens, access any missed push-to-talk voice message with local storage of everything important (which is everything).

Not just voice messages

Photos, texts, and location markers are the best way to go when your team needs to reference an address or order number. For those times when workers don’t have a hand free, Zello records each type of media received for easy access to critical information.

Configure history range

Businesses need to keep their information safe and private. Managers can remotely configure how long messages are stored—or if they’re saved at all—with intuitive message history settings.

Shared devices, private history

Shared devices are a cost saver, but without Zello the privacy and security are at risk every time a device changes hands. Zello’s shared device feature wipes all messages when a shift ends so users will only ever be able to view their own history.

Archive everything with Message Vault

Create customized analytics and remotely record all messages, media, and location history across the entire network for dispute resolution and operation optimization.

  • Record all Zello activity

    Improve efficiency, decrease liability, and resolve disputes with the ability to archive any and all one-to-one conversations and channel-wide engagements reaching back years. We’ve got you covered.

  • Search easily

    For straightforward dispute resolution, we provide the tools for you to drill down to the exact conversation you need to set the record straight with archives searchable by who received or sent a message, when it was sent, what channel it was on, and more.

  • Download messages and metadata

    Create customized insights into your Zello network such as who sends the most messages, the average message length, how many images are sent per month, and more with downloadable messages and metadata.