Powerful management tools

Zello lets you deploy, configure, scale, track, analyze and optimize your operations with ease. Your day just got more manageable.

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Easily configure your teams and analyze operations from an intuitive management console.

  • Preload channels

    Provide instant access to the people workers need to reach with preloaded custom channels that define who can speak, listen, and broadcast.

  • Set user privileges

    Manage user contacts and set restrictions on who can talk directly to whom with a streamlined, efficient, and remote workflow.

  • Customized settings

    Map button functionality, define response teams, record history, and remotely preload other group-defined parameters with templates.


Scale quickly and easily with Zello’s powerful centralized deployment tools.

  • Quick import

    Create thousands of users at a time, add subcontractors, and manage your dynamic workforce with Zello’s mass import tools.

  • Simple sign-on

    Send one-click sign-on and download links via text or email and get your team talking instantly.

  • MDM supported

    Deploy Zello and sign-in users remotely with tools that support most major MDM systems.

Analyze and report

Optimize your team’s performance with rich and automatically updated analytics.

  • Dispatch analytics

    Gain insight into dispatch trends and adjust your workflow to decrease response times and maximize efficiency.

  • Sign-in reports

    Track who’s using Zello, when they last signed in, their session duration, and what version they’re on to ensure everyone’s onboard and up to date.

  • Audit logs

    Track user activity, such as changed passwords, added channels, IP address origin, and added or removed users.

Access message history

Zello’s Message Vault stores all communications for 2 years, giving you a concrete record when disputes and liability issues arise. Administrators can export metadata for all messages and search by date, user, and type.

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Flexible access controls

Assign sub-admins to easily manage and delegate with permissions that provide access to a subset of users and channels within your network, while limiting need-to-know users to reduced permissions, such as map access-only.

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