Channels keep everyone talking

Big, small, and anywhere in between, Zello’s unlimited, customizable channels are the place where teams come to collaborate in real time.

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Easy channel deployment

Create and deploy customized and intelligent channels with ease.

  • Everyone’s all in

    Easily add up to 7000 users per channel and reach everyone at the touch of a button.

  • Unlimited channels

    Remotely manage channels for everyone from a few select people, to a single department, to a specific region, to the whole organization. When we say unlimited we mean it.

  • Easy setup

    There’s no need for a specialized technician or programmer to create unlimited, customized, intuitive, and centrally managed channels. We make it simple because frontline work isn’t.

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  • Real-time deployment

    All channels can be remotely-loaded and deployed in real-time. Your workers will automatically have access to everyone they need to with zero effort on their part. We aren’t saying it’s magic, but it’s totally magic.

Custom channel infrastructure

Zello lets you easily build the precise channel infrastructure you require for your specific needs.

  • Team channels

    Sometimes simple is exactly what you need. On team channels, everyone subscribed can hear and talk to everyone else. Whether it’s the entire construction site, every driver, or every store in a region, get everyone talking.

  • Broadcast channels

    When you’ve got something vital to say, communicate to everyone across all channels immediately. Simply select who can broadcast, everyone that needs to hear it, and who (if anyone) can respond.

  • Dynamic channels

    Relentless chatter gets in the way of productivity. On Zello, workers can toggle dynamic channels on and off so that they can focus. Let them tune out when they need to so they can tune into what matters.

  • Dispatch channels

    Messages that come into the Zello Dispatch Hub are put into an intelligent shareable queue and distributed to available dispatchers. Each driver gets a 1:1 response, reducing chatter and bringing order to everyday complexities.

Emergency channels

When emergencies happen, users can hit one button to alert a dedicated emergency response team with a 10-second recording and location information—all the information needed to handle the situation.

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Make new groups on the fly

Your team is in the middle of a task, and then just like that, the task changes. New people need to be brought into the conversation, and others dropped. No worries. Anyone on your team can quickly create new small private channels to meet changing demands, or add people to their ongoing one-to-one push-to-talk conversations to keep just the right people in the loop.

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Assign talk priority

Channel roles let you choose who can talk, who can listen-only, and who can connect. Create priority for those who need to be heard over the chatter of large channels—or even to interrupt—in important situations when an urgent message must go through.

Multitask in multiple channels

With radios, you can only be in one channel at a time. If someone tries to get you on another channel, they’re out of luck. With Zello, you can stay connected to multiple push-to-talk channels simultaneously. If you’re talking on one channel and someone contacts you on another, their message will simply play in the order it arrived. You won’t miss a thing.

Connect beyond your organization

When your team is collaborating with other branches or outside vendors and contractors, easily crosslink and share channels that are central to getting the job done.

Leverage our API

Automate channel creation based on the rules of your choosing. Have an employee who moves between sites? Establish a rule that places the employee in the correct channels based on their location. Need to keep things organized? Automatically create dedicated channels each time a new work order comes in. If you need it, you can build it.

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