Dispatch Hub

Efficient and Fast Dispatch Communications
Leave Radios, Texting, and Phone Calls in the Dust

Desktop Dispatch App

Select a dispatch channel and visualize a shared queue of incoming calls that you can respond to, replay, or discard. You’ll always know who messaged you when, and what’s next on your list.

Pick a specific driver to talk back to, without talking over other drivers or causing extra chatter on the channel.

Send an alert to all drivers at once right from the app with the broadcast message feature.

Replay any incoming message whenever you want, and never miss a call.

Auto-close idle calls so they don’t crowd incoming calls and can get to available dispatchers faster.

Available on Windows and Mac

For Drivers: the Mobile or Tablet Apps

Send calls to the dispatch center with a push-to-talk button.

Any dispatcher can take the call, and the app will let you know by showing you the message “Call Received”.

Receive a response from the first available dispatcher. Rest assured knowing you will always receive a response.

Carry on without noise from other drivers and dispatchers.

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Dispatch Channels

Dispatch Channels are a new kind of Zello Work channels for use with Dispatch Hub.

Using the same mobile app, drivers call into a Zello Work channel in the Dispatch Hub to reach any dispatcher.

Drivers won’t hear other drivers, but dispatchers will hear all drivers.

Locate Drivers with Maps

Locate drivers from your contact list in realtime.

Start calls with drivers directly from map.

Supported by Google Maps and includes live traffic updates.

Success Story: Carey Dallas

Read this case study to learn how a renowned chauffeur service disrupted their business by dramatically improving voice communication workflows with Dispatch Hub.