Kiosk to the rescue

Zello Kiosk brings Zello’s #1 rated push-to-talk app to touchscreen kiosks to deliver prompt, targeted service in large spaces.

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Do more with less

Quickly respond to customers seeking help within a large retail space with the Zello Kiosk. A customer with a question can push a single button on the touchscreen kiosk and Zello alerts employees you’ve assigned to respond so they can reply immediately from wherever they are.

  • Inviting call button

    Placed strategically throughout the building, the visibly large call button on the tablet invites a customer to request help.

  • Respond from anywhere

    Employees connected to the Zello Kiosk channel can easily respond from anywhere, reducing floor personnel and time needed to assist the customer in need.

  • Scale more efficiently

    Zello Kiosk allows you to scale and optimize your operations while improving the quality of service to your customers.

Delight your customers

Deliver a superior level of service to external customers or guests, and even internal customers, such as employees, contractors, and vendors.

  • Maximize minimal footsteps

    Keep your customers happy with prompt service – even in a large space

  • Leave no customers unattended

    Make sure no customer goes unanswered with repeating notifications

  • Remove purchase barriers

    Create a frictionless buying journey for your customers when they’re at your store

Turn insights into actions

Get access to analytics, such as number of requests, response and resolution times, most frequent questions, and most responsive team members, to refine your process.

Level up your operations

Got a large floor space but not enough employees to cover it? No problem. Zello Kiosk can help.

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  • Customize your Kiosk channels

    Assign specific teams to respond to requests from specific kiosk locations

  • Centralize help

    Optionally escalate to centralized help center when local help is unavailable

  • Enjoy hardware flexibility

    Zello is compatible with most Android-based devices

  • Increase sales

    Helping customers where and when they need it removes purchase barriers, positively impacting your bottom line.

Elevate your brand

Brand the kiosk interface with custom look and feel to elevate customer experience.

Limitless applications beyond the retail floor

  • Healthcare

    Quickly provide help to visitors or residents of a large hospital or nursing home facility. Maintain superior service to visitors and win their confidence in entrusting their loved ones in your care.

  • Manufacturing

    Expedite help in a fast-paced environment; for example, vendors can easily locate a plant manager in a large building with multiple sections.

  • Hospitality

    From alerting security to locating a building or manager, strategically placed Zello Kiosks can help guide and enhance a guest’s experience at a sprawling resort.