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You make it, we’ll bring the voice

When you’ve got thousands of moving parts and everything relies on the thing before it, keep the line running smoothly with live push-to-talk voice communication.

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We’ve got millions talking

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10 billion live voice messages delivered monthly

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Connect everyone

And we mean everyone—every single employee on-site or off-site, anywhere in the world.

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  • Centrally managed channels

    Find who you’re looking for right on Zello without having to chase them down on foot. Every step you save keeps people safe and gets things done quicker. Walk less, push-to-talk more.

  • Unlimited range

    In the plant, across plants, beyond the factory floor, and worldwide, expand your network to almost anywhere with Wi-Fi, cell, or a mix of both.

  • No expensive radio hardware

    Bring whatever you want (as long as it’s literally any Android or iOS device). Giving everyone a voice just got a whole lot more affordable.

Modernize your comms

This is not your great-grandparents’ radio.

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  • Easy remote deployments

    Our centralized management console allows you to remotely deploy to thousands of users through intuitive MDM integrations.

  • Lower your overhead

    With Zello, there’s no need to purchase expensive radio towers, equipment, or licenses. We keep your footprint light by working with what you’ve got.

Make it safe

We help make your manufacturing process safe so you can make the stuff the world relies on.

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  • One-touch emergency alerts

    When there’s no time to lose, give your workers an easy one-touch button to quickly broadcast emergency alerts to the safety team.

  • Noise cancellation compatible

    Pair Zello with industrial noise canceling headsets from one of our hardware partners to protect your workers’ ears so they only hear what they need to.

Cover more ground

Help vendors and employees quickly in a large manufacturing plant with a touchscreen kiosk. When they push the help button, any employee or supervisor connected to the Zello Kiosk can respond from anywhere they are.

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1 x Testimonial

Joshua Mori

Eastern Safety Service

We used to have radios, but they were expensive. Equipment had to be kept up, and range was an issue. Zello solved all our problems.