Zello Advocacy Program (ZAP)

You are a true Zello hero for using our voice-first communications platform to enable your frontline and deskless workers to collaborate more efficiently. We want to continue supporting you on your journey by inviting you to our Zello Advocacy Program.

Become an Advocate

How to Earn Points

ZAP rewards members with points each time they participate in qualifying engagement activity. Enjoy sharing your enthusiasm about Zello on social platforms? ZAP - you get a prize for that! Get a charge from reviewing new product features while in beta? ZAP - you get a prize for that! Really great at storytelling and documenting your company’s success with Zello? ZAP - you get a prize for that. Explore the point system below to find out ways to earn points while showcasing all the great ways Zello has helped you win!

How to Redeem Points

To show our appreciation, ZAP members will be awarded points for engaging in our program, which you can redeem for very cool swag and goodies from our corporate gifting marketplace, or valuable service benefits for your account including a system health check.

To redeem your points, check your point accumulation, or find out more about our gifting platform, email your Zello Advocate [email protected].

10 points

Completing one of these activities will earn you 10 points each.

  • New client survey

    Complete a short survey so we can get to know you better and to officially enter the ZAP program.

  • Research interview

    Provide insights to our product team. Sharing your use cases and metrics help us make Zello even better for our users. (That’s you, too!)

20 points

Completing one of these activities will earn you 20 points each.

  • Test a new feature

    Sign up to be a beta tester for new Zello developments and share your experience with us.

  • Provide a testimonial

    Provide a quote on how Zello helped your business improve so others can learn from your success.

40 points

Completing one of these activities will earn you 40 points each.

  • Serve as a reference

    Help potential Zello customers by fielding inquiries and questions in your area of expertise.

  • Contribute to a blog post

    Share your Zello successes plus business tips and tricks in a Zello blog.

60 points

Completing one of these activities will earn you 60 points each.

  • Be featured in a case study with your business logo

    Highlight your company’s Zello success in a published case study. We brag about you to everyone, and you get to show off your company’s ingenuity in leveraging technology to solve problems.

Nominate an MVP

Zello advocates have always exemplified what it takes to be the best in bringing efficiency and productivity to frontline and deskless workers. The Zello Talks Awards were developed to recognize customers who are innovative and creative.

Awards and Nominations