Brand Toolkit

Last updated September 26, 2023

We’ve created this guide to help you use the Zello brand — our app icon and company logo — in both an accurate and flexible way. Check out the following document before proceeding to download and use our brand materials.

The Zello brand is living and evolving, and you may find that these guidelines do not address your needs. Please reach out if you have any questions.

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Brand Marks

The Zello logo and app icon are two of the most visible parts of our brand. They embody our core beliefs and act as a recognizable signature that unites all of our visual communication.

The two marks are mutually exclusive, and cannot be combined.

Broad Strokes
  • Never use the Zello logo, app icon, or name as your own.
  • Don’t use or modify Zello’s marks in combinations with your own marks, name, product, service, company, etc.

Use the Zello logo when referring to Zello, the company.

Use the Zello app icon, Link, when describing our mobile and desktop apps.

Don’t combine the app icon and wordmark.

The Zello App Icon

Link, the Zello app icon, is inspired by what we do best. By combining the ubiquitous chat symbol with a subtle “Z,” all held together by points of connection, we have an app icon that is unique and recognizable.

The App icon represents our mobile and desktop apps, and also the Zello platform. Use the App icon to indicate Zello services, users, and channels.


We employ Link in a number of ways to refer to Zello for iOS, Zello for Android, and Dispatch Hub on macOS and Windows.

Frame Link within a rounded rectangle to represent the Zello iOS app.

Encircle Link when referring to the Zello Android app.

Dispatch Hub on Windows Dispatch Hub on macOS

Use the provided icons to reference Zello Dispatch Hub on Windows and macOS.

Spacing & Sizing

The importance of clear space around brand elements cannot be overstated. Always keep a minimum clear space to maintain visual clarity and to provide maximum impact. Photos, text, and graphics should not overlap the gray area.

The minimum clear space around the icon is equal to the icon scaled down to 25%.

The minimum clear space should be at least 25% of Link's size.

Link should not be used below 16pt tall. Below 64pt, the “small” asset must be used.


Use approved color combinations to ensure that Link always contrasts its backdrop.

Welder doing some welding while wearing goggles

Always show Link in white against a contrasting image. Do not use color against images.

Use only the approved combinations.

The Zello Colors

Use Zello Orange, Zello Gray, and white when displaying the Zello logo or Link.


Downloadable Assets

Use the below materials with respect to the above guidelines. Get in touch if you have any questions.