We’ve got the frontline talking

Zello push-to-talk connects frontline workers with rock-solid reliability and crystal clear sound quality.

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Intuitive to use

Zello is a modern and customizable walkie-talkie app (and more) that lives on any smart device.

  • Simple interface

    Zello’s big round button can’t be missed. When used with a rugged device, it’s fully tactile for workers that wear gloves.

  • Set workers up from the get-go

    Remotely create and preload as many channels as each individual worker needs—from each department to the whole company.

  • Photo, location, and text sharing

    When you need more than voice, your team can quickly communicate about issues you’d have to see to believe.

Hear and be heard instantly

Zello puts everyone in reach and makes their voices instantly accessible. Your team will always stay in the loop.

  • Live voice auto-play

    Keep eyes on the road and hands on tools with messages that play automatically the moment they’re received. Workers don’t have to do a thing but listen.

  • Reach any group

    Workers can communicate with more than one group or user at a time with no busy radio channels or phone lines.

  • Know who can help

    When there’s an urgent situation unfolding, workers can easily spot who’s online and available for instant aid.

1 x Testimonial

Ken Kelley

Paramedic and Owner, Promed Ambulance

I needed a land-mobile-radio solution and I finally found it in Zello. It has totally revolutionized the way we communicate in our company.

Don’t miss a thing

Your people can’t afford to miss a single message. Now they won’t.

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  • Replay messages

    For those get it done moments, workers can replay any missed messages when they’re ready to move to the next thing.

  • Communicate on- or off-site

    Being off-site doesn’t mean you’re off the grid. Zello connects worldwide over any Wi-Fi or data network. We’ve got your team covered right where they are.

  • Record messages offline

    Record messages even if you’re disconnected. Zello will automatically send them once a connection is available.

Talk to one, many, or all

Zello brings your team together, however and whenever they need to collaborate.

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  • One-to-one reduces distractions

    Forget radio fatigue. One-to-one push-to-talk communication keeps your team focused on the conversation and task at hand.

  • Unlimited channels

    Add as many channels as you need, with up to 7000 users per channel.

  • Create groups as you go

    Switch it up when you need to. Make new groups on the fly to solve urgent and emerging problems.

  • Easily add contractors

    Scale and add contractors, vendors, or any other group outside of your organization. It’s easy to bring everyone together.

One touch dispatch

With the intuitive Zello Dispatch Hub, drivers reach out with one button push.

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  • A fully transparent queue

    Drivers can see their call has been entered into an intelligent queue and get a 1:1 response every time.

  • A single point of contact

    Drivers reach a centralized base where they find the exact person needed for their issue.

Safety first, second, & third

Texts and traditional phone calls can be deadly on a worksite or on the road. Let live voice push-to-talk communication get it done more efficiently and safely.

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  • Emergency Alerts

    Dedicated emergency alerts on phones and compatible accessories mean help is only ever one button push away.

  • Default channel

    Users toggle automatically between default channels and contacts without breaking their concentration.

  • 99.99% uptime

    With 99.99% uptime, your workers can trust help will be there when they need it. Did we mention 99.99% uptime?