Outfit your frontline

We’ve partnered with top hardware companies to give you all the push-to-talk solutions you need for any working conditions. We don’t sell hardware accessories on our site, but let us walk you through the possibilities.

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Work with what you’ve got

iPhone to Android, Mac to Windows, at Zello, we offer compatible accessories for your devices and operating systems. And when you need headsets or walkie-talkies for playback and recording, we’ve got that covered too.

  • Android

    Phone or tablet, doesn’t matter. Just load and go.

  • iOS

    iPhone, iPod, iPad—it’s all the same to us. Not a bad apple in the bunch.

  • Bluetooth

    If it works on your device or desktop, it will work with Zello for record and playback. Just navigate from the app.

  • Mac or Windows

    Debate all you want, we’ll stay out of it. We work on both.

Hardware shouldn’t be hard

Zello’s partnerships with accessory companies help you easily find compatible hardware for any environment that you’re operating in. We make it simple so you can get to the hard stuff.

  • Extra loud speaker mics

    Some work environments are louder than a Metallica concert (heck, it might be a Metallica concert). Cut through the noise of roaring engines, cement trucks, heavy machinery, and killer guitar riffs with hearing protection headsets and loudspeakers—Zello works with them all.

    See compatible speaker mics
  • Tactile accessories

    Frontline workers don’t have a hand to spare—so we don’t ask for one. Our hardware partners offer tactile accessories with buttons that map to specific contacts, channels, and emergency alerts for quick, easy, one-push access that doesn’t require you to fumble with your phone.

    See compatible tactile accessories
  • Discreet headsets and earbuds

    Keep your workflow out of ear-shot from the customer or guest and create an environment where privacy and decorum pave the way to great customer service and guest experience.

    See compatible headsets

Wired and wireless

Our accessory partners let you connect with mics, speakers, headsets, and anything else you need to get the job done.

  • Wireless

    Wireless speaker mics and headsets allow your workers to be hands-free and on the move.

    See wireless devices
  • Wired

    Wired accessories don’t require charging and provide a tactile link to your device.

    See wired devices

Toughen up your tech

Dust. Spills. Heat. Water. Rugged phones can handle whatever you throw at them—or drop them into. From construction sites to manufacturing floors, demand a device that’s as tough as your team is.

See rugged mobile devices
  • Frontline ready

    Zello-approved rugged phones are glove- and water-friendly, are at least IP68-rated, and are loud enough for any environment.

  • Safety-focused

    Keep eyes on work and off devices. All Zello-approved rugged phones have at least one tactile button to trigger Zello actions, including emergency alerts.

  • That walkie-talkie feel

    For the feel of a walkie-talkie without the limitations of radio, cellular and Wi-Fi-based handsets have a dedicated PTT button and channel selector that allow you to just pick up and go.

Radio is dead. Long live radio.

Zello partnered with radio gateway providers to extend radio beyond its 100-year-old limitations. Keep radio-based solutions in the hands of those that need them and extend the network to anywhere in the world to include those on Wi-Fi- or cellular-connected Zello smart devices.

See gateways

Want to partner up?

At Zello we always have our ears open for audio accessory and hardware manufacturers looking to take their products to millions of Zello users. We get a lot of requests (we’re very picky) and prioritize device integration and certification projects based on the needs of our frontline customers. Fill out an application and let’s see if we’re a good fit.