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We are the comprehensive frontline communications solution powered by push-to-talk.

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Break free from radio

Zello’s push-to-talk walkie-talkie app lives on your phone, delivering unlimited and secure private channels and crystal clear broadcasts over cell networks and Wi-Fi. With no need for expensive specialized equipment or tower leases, you can finally afford to give everyone a voice.

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Put voice to work

Zello’s on your hip, in your pocket, on your dash, and always right there when you need to hear and be heard to get stuff done. What you do is hard, talking to each other shouldn’t be.

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Reach everyone, everywhere, every way

Have to talk to a supervisor in Michigan from your location in Florida? Copy that. Need an address and proof of dropoff? 10-4. Our text and photo features will get it done. We’ve got you covered, from Alpha to Zulu.

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Dispatch intelligently

Zello Dispatch Hub automatically prioritizes urgent calls, effortlessly reassigns requests, and cuts chatter. Real-time map updates keep dispatch in the know and workers on point.

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Never miss a thing

Baked into Zello is the ability to play back any message at any time, allowing workers to devote their full attention to the issue at hand, resolve it without distraction, and then move on to the next task.

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Designed for enterprise

  • Security

    Speak freely. Private, secure communications are encrypted from end-to-end without the risk of interception or interference.

  • Scalability

    Scaling is effortless with multi-device management and unlimited channels and users. Zello grows with you.

  • Management

    With our centralized console, deploy in one day to thousands of users, set who speaks to whom, and remove or add accounts as needed. You’re in control.

  • Integration

    We work with you, literally. Easily integrate our API and SDK into your in-house tools and applications, and extend your LMR with gateways.

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4 x Testimonials

Andrew Eger

Communications and Distribution Technology Manager CRMP Inc.

By eliminating the need for dedicated radio towers [and two-way radios], the company has saved a considerable amount per month in just tower fees and repairs alone.

Ken Kelley

Paramedic and Owner, Promed Ambulance

I needed a land-mobile-radio solution and I finally found it in Zello. It has totally revolutionized the way we communicate in our company.

Chad Smith

IT Manager, City Furniture

Using Zello with other in-store apps on iPads allows Sales Associates to fully transact from anywhere in the showroom, [making possible] a quicker and more accurate sales experience for both the Customer and the Associate.

Holger Sommer

Communications Manager, @fire

The big advantage of Zello is that it requires only a basic data connection and works already with 2G/GPRS. Often we couldn’t call someone with the cell phone, but Zello worked.
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Hardware accessories

Works the way you work

Loud, discreet, hands-free. Together with our partners we’ll find appropriate hardware solutions to help you meet your frontline needs.

Explore Zello-approved accessories
  • On any device

    From iPhones to Androids to ruggedized devices, we work with whatever you’re bringing to the table—or construction site or hospital room or truck cab.

  • On any network

    Wi-Fi or data, it’s up to you. Zello works on both, so opt for one, or toggle between the two. We’ll connect where and however you like.

Courage demands a voice

Our first responders and everyday heroes need an essential tool for their essential work. Zello is proud to be their go-to choice.

Firefighters putting out a fire

For the heroes

It’s our honor to provide our full suite of enterprise-grade solutions to first responders for free.

Zello’s First Responder Program
People walking through a flood

For the world

In times of crisis, relaying critical information is vital. Zello will always be there when the world needs it.

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