No time for downtime

If we had a middle name, it would be Reliability. Every message is mission critical. Don’t miss a single one.

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The frontline never stops

With 99.99% historical uptime, Zello is the communication platform you can count on. Automatic monitoring means you’ll detect and address issues before they happen, making your comms the one thing you don’t have to worry about.

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Every message matters

Zello makes sure every message gets where it needs to go. No excuses.

  • Delivery confirmation

    Receive visual delivery confirmation so you know your message has been received.

  • Offline messaging

    If connectivity is ever lost, messages in the queue can be sent automatically the moment it’s restored.

  • Missed message notifications

    When you’re reaching out one-to-one to a user who’s offline, Zello sends a notification once they’re back online letting them know they have a message waiting.

  • Shared dispatch call queue

    Zello’s Dispatch Hub eliminates missed calls by routing them to all available dispatchers and keeping their queue organized.

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Works on any network

Get crystal clear HD audio even on lower bandwidths. 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G: Zello is designed from the ground-up to work on all the Gs.

Thoroughly tested, and then some

With millions of active users and thousands of beta testers all over the world, we are always well ahead of any critical bugs and have fixes pushed out before you even know there’s an issue.

Automated off-site backups

We’re prepared for the worst. When unexpected catastrophic events occur, Zello’s got your back with automatic off-site backups and a recovery playbook that limits or eliminates any major disruption to our primary cloud infrastructure.

Enterprise-grade support

We’ve got support standing by for any and all issues you may experience or questions you may have. Our remote diagnostic tools identify and fix problems quickly, getting you back to what’s important: your work.

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