Customer Stories

Received Requested Features to Better Meet Business Needs

Crossroads Courier had been using a push-to-talk service and needed to switch to another application for instant, real-time communications to support its couriers and other employees.


The delivery company needed to switch to another PTT solution.


Crossroads Courier’s Chris Skowera tested various PTT services. One didn’t meet his needs and another was too expensive. He found the best quality for the right price with Zello Work. What’s more is that Zello doesn’t eat up cell phone minutes.

How Zello Helped

Although dispatchers, management, warehouse employees and drivers use Zello for most of the communications, the company uses it in every aspect of the business. Employees report Zello provides a higher voice quality than the previous PTT solution.

Since employees can be driving or on client premises, they value the history feature so no one has to worry about missing messages. Skowera made several Zello app enhancement requests to make it more useful for the business. Most of the suggestions have been implemented, including longer call alerts and a search contacts feature.

About Crossroads Courier

Crossroads Courier is a regional delivery and logistics company that focuses on partnership, responsiveness and efficiency in all aspects of its business. The company relies on advanced technology to deliver a high level of service, but knows that no technical innovation can be a substitute for personal relationships.