Extend and Improve your LMR Push-to-Talk Solution

Combine your current LMR solution
with Zello's Push-to-Talk app using a Radio Gateway
Update outdated LMR setups with a radio gateway to connect two-way radio users over any Wi-FI or data plan.

Install the Zello PC app on a computer


Connect a computer to radio gateway


Connect gateway to your current 2-way radio channel

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"I'm using Zello as a bridge between my phone and our LMR system. Love being able to listen and talk from practically anywhere."
- Joshua Brinker, Emergency Medical Technician at Franklin County EMS

Always connected
Offsite or without a radio, managers can reach anyone they need to on a gateway-augmented two-way radio channel.

All Radio Technologies
Interconnect conventional and trunked analog FM, ETSI DMR, ETSI TETRA, MotoTRBO, APCO P25 FDMA, and NXDN.

Cost Effective
Zello gateway setup costs only a one-time fee of a few hundred dollars plus $30 per month per channel.

Try Zello Work for 30 Days

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