Headsets, Buttons
& Mics

Radio gateways let your people talk to each other using a mix of traditional radios and Zello. As a result, radio users and Zello users can connect from anywhere in the world.

Zello does not sell any of these 3rd party accessories.

We have tested them all, and are confident that they are compatible with our push-to-talk apps. However, you should test any of these accessories in your own environment before standardizing on them or committing to a large purchase. Zello, as an Amazon Associate may earn from qualifying purchases made through links on this page.

Push to Talk Flexgate LMR

FlexGate Enterprise System

  • Enterprise-grade server to connect any type of radio system (four-wire control)
  • Direct IP connection into Kenwood NEXEDGE trunked radio systems
  • Local or RoIP access to conventional radio channels
  • Create Ad-hoc communication groups between radio systems, smartphone users, or dispatch
  • Can connect remote channels via Raven’s M4x RoIP gateway
Zello Roxilink Gateway Device

RoxiLINK Radio Gateway

  • Integrated audio chipset
  • N.O. dry contact (relay) for PTT control
  • TCXO timebase
  • 600-ohm line transformers for TX/RX
  • USB cable included for power