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We are hiring! Six positions are open in Austin, TX. APPLY NOW

Zello: Walkie Talkies for Retail Stores

The Modern Push-to-Talk and Business Service

Zello’s walkie talkies for retail stores app is a modern, easy-to-use push to talk solution that redefines traditional retail walkie talkies. From warehouse employees and back office management to in-store sales associates, team communication has never been so efficient. Zello’s retail walkie talkie app creates real-time flow of information turning shoppers into loyal brand advocates.

Benefits of Using Zello Walkie Talkies for Retail Stores App

Flexible Integration

Whether you use a mobile device, iPad, or network radios, Zello is designed to be flexible and to easily integrate with your favorite devices.

Instant Retail Staff Communication

Forget about two way radios for retail stores, Zello runs on WiFi and carriers’ data networks, connecting retail staff members instantly.

Flawless Shopper Experience

Ditch those bulky retail radios for a more modern image. Zello walkie talkies for retail stores app is seamless and efficient.

No Missed Messages

Zello displays staff members’ availability and stores messages on their devices. Missed messages are just a simple tap away.

Voice Quality

Zello’s retail walkie talkie app has excellent voice quality and is perfect for busy stores and loud, bustling shopping days.

Competitive Pricing

Our walkie talkie app pricing plans are designed to be affordable and risk free with no contracts. Pay monthly or annually, the choice is yours.

Who Needs Walkie Talkies for Retail Stores?

Zello’s walkie talkies for retail stores is perfect for both on and off-site store management. Store managers, warehouse employees, sales associates, and customer service personnel can all stay connected through Zello’s seamless push to talk (PTT) app.

Why Store Managers Love Zello Walkie Talkies for Retail Stores

Store Managers are never out of touch with staff, administration, or management on or off-site. Whether staff is in the warehouse, back office, or with a customer, Zello’s built in GPS makes managing personnels’ locations even easier.  

With Zello’s modernized retail store communication system, create as many team channels as you need and assign as many members to each channel as you like. Add not only internal but external communication channels with suppliers and distribution centers.  

Zello’s retail walkie talkie app records all interactions, which assist in staff member accountability, customer experiences, and dispute resolution. Messages are stored on managers’ and administrators’ devices and consoles for easy replay. Everything can be controlled from a single application supported by Apple iOS, Google Android, and Windows.

Why Retail Owners Love Zello’s Retail Walkie Talkie App

Zello’s pricing is a fraction of radio and cell phone costs, and our historical uptime is 99.99%. Zello measurably improves team communication, efficiency of retail management, and customer satisfaction.

Heavy devices such as walkie talkies are a nuisance to carry and expensive to replace and maintain. Zello walkie talkies for retail stores app is easy-to-install and easy-to-use, get your staff up to speed and connected in no time. Zello also integrates with two-way radios which can serve as a gradual transition while updating the communication infrastructure.

Zello is completely customizable and can be configured to control who gets particular messages, who can talk to whom, and who can listen.

Why Your Staff Will Love Zello’s Walkie Talkies for Retail Stores

It’s an easy-to-install and easy-to-use PTT app that connects retail staff members instantly, wherever they are. Forget carrying around bulkie walkie talkies and uncomfortable headsets all day, Zello’s retail walkie talkies only needs a phone and fits right inside a pocket.

It has the best voice quality of any PTT app, which means retail personnel can always hear and be heard. There’s never a missed message, because everything is stored on a team members’ devices. There is less distraction, as they connect to channels as needed and just hear messages intended for them.

If your staff is tired of using traditional retail communication headsets, seamless and safer staff communication can be incorporated with hands-free phone accessories.

Zello Retail Walkie Talkie App is the Perfect Partner

Network Radio Connection with Zello

Retail store communication devices, such as two way radios, have been around for many years, and we understand making the transition to a walkie talkie app can be a daunting task.The good news is Zello easily integrates with network radios, allowing users to access the app’s extensive and established user base until the store makes the full transition.

Learn more about how a popular Florida retailer phased out 2 way radios for an iPad with Zello.

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