We are hiring! Six positions are open in Austin, TX. APPLY NOW

We are hiring! Six positions are open in Austin, TX. APPLY NOW

How It Works

Managing a Network Define and oversee your network
Talking to your Teammates A full-featured push-to-talk app
Extending ZelloWork Enterprise and specialized features

The ZelloWork App

Talk in real time to individuals and groups anywhere in the world

It really is as easy as

  1. Tap on a contact or channel
  2. Press and hold the big push-to-talk button
  3. Start talking
  4. Release the button when you’re done

It runs on most smartphones
and tablets

It supports Apple iOS, Google Android, Blackberry and Windows
It is also compatible with a variety of ruggedized devices

Manage your status

Set and display your message and work status


Hear messages in real time from all contacts and channels.


Focused on one contact or group. Other messages go to History.


Don’t want to be interrupted. Messages go to History.


Messages go to History and can be replayed up to 7 days later.

Instant access to recent

Display your most recent messages and alerts from contacts and channels

Tapping on a recent brings up Talk screen

Send alerts to individuals
or groups

Send alerts, with optional text messages attached

Recipients get a sonic or vibrating notification until they respond or clear the alert

Replay recent or missed

ZelloWork stores recent and missed messages and alerts on your device

Use the History button, which is on every screen, to retrieve and replay anything, anytime

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