Carrier Push-To-Talk

ZelloWork is the push-to-talk app that many organizations turn to when they decide to move away from carriers’ PTT solutions

What it Does

ZelloWork is a globally established, secure and versatile push-to-talk app

It liberates organizations from
the service, device and pricing
constraints of carrier PTT

It is equally suited to small
organizations with 10 users and
enterprises with 10,000

It is backed by a company
supporting more than 120 million
users on every continent

Why Carrier PTT Users love it

It supports all carrier data plans and Wi-Fi, meaning no more device limits, voice plan mandates or contracts

It runs on Apple, Android and Windows devices, offering flexibility around device acquisition and support

It stores messages in team members’ devices, which means that no one ever misses a message

It connects to other ZelloWork networks, extending the power of voice connection across supply chains

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