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We are hiring! Six positions are open in Austin, TX. APPLY NOW

Move Beyond Radios for More Reliable Push-to-Talk

Whether you need to eliminate or upgrade your radios, Zello is the ideal push-to-talk app for your business.
Need to get rid of or upgrade your frontline workers’ two-way radios? Zello works on any smart device, over any WiFi or data connection. Significantly reduce your communication costs, eliminate radio dead zones, and improve how your frontline workers communicate. Zello experts will put together a comprehensive plan, including devices and accessories, that suits your business.

Unlimited Range
Unlimited range gives you flexible communication – manage onsite while you’re offsite!

Increased Productivity
Keep your team productive – know exactly who is talking, and never miss a live voice transmission.

No interference, no public access – exchange private and encrypted voice transmissions.

Compare the Difference Radios
Central management via web console
Unlimited range (WiFi & data)
Choose your devices & accessories
High quality, loud audio
Encrypted, private communication
Live location tracking
Replay messages later
Developer tools (API & SDK access)
Add on premium features (GPS Maps, Emergency Alerts & more)
Dedicated priority customer support

Try Zello Work for 30 Days

No credit card required. Create a private push-to-talk network for your business!

Replace Radios with Zello

• Save thousands by using smart devices instead of radios for push-to-talk communication.

• Minimize and consolidate the devices your employees already use for job-essential functions.

• Cut the cost of fixing and replacing expensive two-way radios, which are costly to repair.

Supplement Radios with Zello

• Limited range and interference kill productivity! Use Zello on any smart device to supplement your LMR and empower workers to communicate when radios fail.

• Choose from leading hardware devices and accessories compatible with Zello, like rugged phones and wireless headsets/microphones.

• Upgrade with premium features like live location tracking, emergency buttons, centrally-stored voice transmissions, and more.
“The company has saved a considerable amount per month in just tower fees and repairs alone by eliminating radios.”
- Andrew Eger, Communications and Distribution Manager at Concrete Ready Mix Products