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We are hiring! Six positions are open in Austin, TX. APPLY NOW

Obtain Compliance with Extra Push-to-Talk Features

From panic button mandates to driving and safety laws, stay in compliance and protect your business with Zello.
We live in a world of increasing regulation. Businesses face demands for compliance from official laws, and internal corporate policies. Whether you need to promote the safety of remote workers, comply with local hands-free regulations, or communicate secure and encrypted messages, Zello is the push-to-talk solution for your frontline workers.

Provide a Call & Text Alternative

• Zello is compatible with many hands-free accessories for drivers to use safely on the road.

• Live voice transmissions can also be replayed whenever convenient and safe.

• This lets you reduce distracting driving and illegal calls and texts on the road.

Equip Workers with a Panic Button

• Some states have passed laws that require business like hotels to provide their workers with a panic button.

• Users push Zello's Emergency Alert button to transmit a high priority alert, including location data, to a designated emergency channel.

• Zello pinpoints the location of the worker using live GPS maps, allowing for a fast response time.

Control Your Network

• With Zello’s Message Vault, you can store all voice transmissions, alerts, and images sent over your network.

• The information ensures proper conflict resolution and work-device usage for any user or channel. It also lets administrators understand fault and prove innocence, when required.

• All Zello voice transmissions and other messages are fully encrypted.

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