Keep Frontline Workers Safe with Zello

From panic button mandates to driving and safety laws, stay in compliance and protect your workers with Zello.
Zello Maps and Emergency Alerts
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We live in a world of increasing regulation. Businesses face demands for compliance from official laws, and internal corporate policies. Whether you need to promote the safety of remote workers, comply with local hands-free regulations, or communicate secure and encrypted messages, Zello is the push-to-talk solution for your frontline workers.

Provide a Safe Alternative to Texting

Zello is compatible with many hands-free accessories for drivers to use safely on the road.

Live voice transmissions can also be replayed whenever convenient and safe.

This lets you reduce distracted driving and illegal calls and texts on the road.

Trucker using hand-held radio while driving
Emergency alert on iPhone screen

Equip Workers with a Panic Button

Some states have passed laws that require business like hotels to provide their workers with a panic button.

Users push Zello's Emergency Alert button to transmit a high priority alert, including location data, to a designated emergency channel.

Zello pinpoints the location of the worker using live GPS maps, allowing for a fast response time.

Try Zello Work for 30 Days

No credit card required. Create a private push-to-talk network for your business!

Secure Your Network

With Zello’s Message Vault, you can store all voice transmissions, alerts, and images sent over your network.

The information ensures proper conflict resolution and work-device usage for any user or channel. It also lets administrators understand fault and prove innocence, when required.

All Zello voice transmissions and other messages are fully encrypted.

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