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Zello for First Responders

Get Zello entirely for free if you belong to a U.S.-based first responder organization. With Zello Work, you will open up a new channel for mission critical communication and cross departmental collaboration.
From first responder volunteer groups to public safety, police, fire and ambulance, people work together to save lives using Zello. Zello’s push-to-talk solution is the perfect standalone communication tool or LMR complement for first responders. And the leading push-to-talk app is 100% free for qualifying first responder organizations. Bring enterprise-grade communication to your operation today, possibly at no cost.

What is "Zello First Responders?"

Millions of people around the globe use Zello to connect with live voice. During natural disasters, they organize and collaborate on Zello to help save lives. The mission of saving lives extends beyond supporting our communities during natural disasters to keeping people safe on a day-to-day basis. Budget constraints should not prevent first responders from saving lives, so the full Zello push-to-talk solution is free for U.S.-based, non-profit first responders.

100% Free for First Responders

Zello proudly supports those who share the mission of saving lives.
"Being able to communicate under any circumstance is not only a benefit, but crucial in the EMS industry, and Zello has been the perfect solution for providing seamless and instant communication when seconds count."
- Joshua Brinker, Emergency Medical Technician at Franklin County EMS