Premium Zello Features

Add extra functionality to Zello, like location tracking, panic buttons, and more

Premium Maps

Know where your users are and where they’ve been

See Zello users on a map

Track their location and movements, anywhere in the world

Click on a user’s name to see where they are

Any scale, from national to job site

Push-to-talk management console maps

Emergency Alerts

Keep team members safe with a reliable emergency button

Workers in distress quickly alert their teams

Send audio and location with high priority to an emergency channel Protect employees in the event of natural disasters, injuries, and accidents

Give peace of mind to everyone, especially remote workers, lone workers, and drivers

Emergency alert on iPhone screen

Try All Premium Features for 30 Days

No credit card required. Create a private push-to-talk network with every feature!

Message Vault

Your Zello database of record, in the cloud or on your hardware

Store and retrieve all messages, alerts, and photos

Review any conversation or content, from any user or channel

Export audio files and transfer Message Vault content to other platforms

Zello Message Vault

Dispatch Hub

Improve the efficiency of your operation by immediately connecting drivers to the first available dispatcher

Dispatchers automatically share the call load as driver requests enter a queue

Drivers only speak to dispatchers, who reply back to each driver individually

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Zello Push to Talk dispatch hub for transportation teams