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We are hiring! Six positions are open in Austin, TX. APPLY NOW

Central Management Console

ZelloWork Management Console

The nerve center of your ZelloWork network

Control everything from a single application

Define and manage users, roles, channels and all system settings

Accessible from any device with a web browser

Fine tune each user’s app experience

Control up to 30 settings for each supported platform and push to every device, instantly

You can also mute users or channels from the console


Streamline group connections

Never run out of channels

Create all the channels you need, and assign as many team members to a channel as you like

ZelloWork supports up to 3,500 active participants per channel

Channel types mean flexibility

Use Team Channels when groups need to have one-to-many and one-to-one conversations

Dynamic Channels support groups who need to talk but aren’t in constant contact

Hidden Channels define groups that can only have one-on-one conversations

And rely on Ad Hoc Channels when people need to set up temporary channels on the fly

User Roles

Build structure and rules into your channels

Decide who, if anyone, is permitted to:

1. Speak to anyone in the channel
2. Speak to particular roles in the channel
3. Listen only
4. Disconnect from a channel at will
5. Send channel alerts

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