Airport services provider replaced 300 voice plans with cost-effective PTT

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The aviation facilities and services company needed an easier and faster way to communicate requests. Using traditional two-ways or Nextel required working through four different radios or phones, a slow process that wasn’t acceptable in maintaining high quality customer service.


Ever landed in San Francisco International Airport? With four terminals and seven concourses, it ranks as one of the busiest in the U.S. and one of the largest in the world. PrimeFlight needed a push-to-talk solution for employee on-the-spot communications.


PrimeFlight needed a solution for its passenger services to manage any special service request (SSR) that comes in. The most common request is to have wheelchairs ready to escort handicapped passengers to and from flights. According to Account Manager Tristan Nunnally, Zello fit perfectly with that goal.

How Zello Helped

In aviation services, flexibility is key. Typically, PrimeFlight usually knows how many wheelchairs are coming on and off a plane ahead of time. However, the wheelchair count isn’t always accurate. “One time in particular we were told there were four wheelchairs on the flight,” Nunnally said, “but instead of four, it was fourteen.” The dispatch team Zello-ed the update instantly and assembled forces to track down the rogue wheelchairs.

“Our dispatcher was able to contact four terminals with the click of a mouse. Via traditional two-ways or Nextels, she would have had to solicit assistance via four different radios or phones,” Nunnally said. “It would have been possible, but not as expeditious or easy.” Zello made it possible for everyone to hear the call and respond.

Not only does Zello allow agents to communicate, but also it saves money. The company eliminated 300 voice plans after switching to Zello.

Zello’s best feature, according to Nunnally, is that it allows him to customize it and set up channels for PrimeFlight’s airports. PF Aviation has created channels for airports that include Washington Reagan, Omaha, Philadelphia, La Guardia, West Palm Beach, Kansas City and others. PF values the control and flexibility Zello offers. Each time the company expands its wheelchair services, all PF has to do is add more users and break everything down as needed.

About PrimeFlight

PrimeFlight Aviation provides airports and air carriers with the facilities and services to ensure the safety and reliability operation of their planes and the comfort of their passengers. The company serves almost every U.S. airline in more than 40 airports.

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