Saved on Costs and Hassle of Carrying Two Devices

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Global Security needed a secure, private, centrally managed, reliable and fast communications network to support more than 100 security guards and dispatchers. Because its business is security, the communication solution also had to be instantaneous with a near 0 percent fail rate.


Global Security had been using RT mobile two-way radios with cellphones as backup. However, carrying two devices was cumbersome. With the arrival of push-to-talk (PTT) apps on smartphones, they discovered that using PTT on their smartphones would eliminate the need for guards to carry two devices and cut costs. So they explored possible replacements for their radio units.


After hearing about Zello PTT from a communications contact, Global Security IT Manager Steve Knowler decided to run a trial. The company started out by testing Zello through its free five-user network. It turned out the service met the company’s needs, so Global Security rolled out Zello on Samsung Galaxy smartphones to all employees.

Unlike a previous competitor’s PTT solution, Zello was more reliable, had minimal latency and delivered clear audio. The admin console tools and the ease of using features such as user and group management, message history, alerts and status availability impressed Knowler. The security guards mapped the hardware PTT buttons on their phones to function more like the walkie-talkies they were familiar with using. It made the transition instantaneous.

How Zello Helped

Zello delivers on Global Security’s rigorous requirements for a private, encrypted, fast and reliable communications network. The company uses Zello on Samsung Galaxy phones for all its security patrols, including residential, neighborhood and business surveillance.

Now that the company runs the Zello app on a Galaxy smartphone, employees no longer need to carry two devices. Zello’s Bluetooth compatibility allows employees to use the app with wireless security earpieces or microphones. After using Zello for almost a year, Global Security reports it has had no network failures or performance issues. In addition to running Zello on its phones, Global Security also runs Guard Dispatching System (GDS). This proprietary and mobile device lockdown app turns their smartphones into an all-in-one communications solution for employees.

Because of the Zello app’s reliability, the local New Zealand police requested to be added to Global Security’s Zello network. This allows the police to contact Global Security guards to request backup during emergencies.

About Global Security

As New Zealand’s largest locally-owned security company, Global Security provides security systems and solutions for large and small companies as well as residential homes across New Zealand. The company provides a variety of security services to individuals and businesses, including consulting, installation, monitoring and guard services. It also supports local law enforcement during emergencies.

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