24/7 Express Logistics, Inc. Eliminates Phone Calls and Increases Efficiency with Zello Push-to-Talk and Dispatch Hub

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24/7 Express Logistics, Inc. is an asset-based 3rd-party logistics provider that offers world-class transportation and logistics services to a wide array of industries including small manufacturing companies, medical supply companies, and big box retailers. With locations in Kansas City and St. Louis, 24/7 leverages many modes of transportation to deliver custom solutions through 3 core service divisions, Courier, Freight, and Nationwide Freight.

Using traditional phones slowed down 24/7 Express Logistics’ reliable service and impacted customers on a daily basis. Both dispatchers and courier drivers were missing communications that were imperative to completing deliveries.

24/7 Recruiter Rachel Pasquale said, “our courier dispatchers were taking an astounding number of phone calls each day.” When those same employees are responsible for answering customer phone calls as well, it becomes difficult to prioritize attention.

In 2020, the company switched to Zello and never went back. “With Zello, couriers are able to let dispatch know they are ready for work, send pictures of actual items being delivered instantly, text a dispatcher to troubleshoot any discrepancies on a pick up or delivery, and have an open line of communication at all times without waiting for their phone call to be answered,” said Pasquale.

Photos, texts, and location markers help 24/7 Express Logistics easily reference customer addresses and order numbers. Zello retains each type of media received for easy access to critical information.

With a promise to keep their customers’ business moving, 24/7 Express Logistics found a faster solution with Zello. In Zello’s Dispatch Hub, calls are received by all available dispatchers so they can share the workload, cover for each other, and reply more quickly. Once a call is accepted, employees communicate in real-time via HD voice, photo, or text. Transcribed calls to the dispatch channel help dispatchers swiftly scan content to evaluate urgency, allowing them to multitask and prioritize work.

“It has freed up our dispatchers to do what they are here to do. I am thankful to have Zello as an important asset of our day to day while increasing the efficiency of our courier operations” said Pasquale.

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