A-Line Messenger Service Saves Over 200 Hours/Week in Labor Costs After Implementing Zello

With more than 30 years of experience making deliveries in Southern California, A-Line Messenger Service provides emergency delivery service 24 hours, 365 days a year with excellent customer service. A-Line’s professional transport emphasizes service, accountability, dignity, and compassion which is essential when handling medical specimens and bio-hazardous materials. In some cases, their deliveries are critical to help save patients’ lives. This requires fast, reliable communication and GPS location services to complete successfully.

A-Line Messenger has over 50 drivers and makes over 500 deliveries per day. They were previously using Nextel and Sprint’s two-way radios prior to discovering Zello. Chief Information Officer Noah Anderson said, “with Sprint/Nextel PTT, we always had to hassle with synchronized communication, blocking our drivers from being able to communicate with our dispatch team members as they were already talking with other drivers.”

Phone calls were slowing down their expedited service and impacting their excellent customer experience. A-Line Messenger Service switched to Zello as their primary mode of communication for all dispatch and driver interaction. Messages that come into the Zello Dispatch Hub are put into an intelligent shared queue and distributed to available dispatchers. Each driver gets a 1:1 response, reducing chatter and bringing order to everyday complexities. Anderson said, “having a platform such as Zello, with continuous and safe communication, makes it possible for our drivers and dispatchers to communicate effectively and efficiently.”

The time-savings benefit in their emergency-specific environment is significant. With well over 1500 deliveries every week, each delivery has an average of 3 required calls, not including the initial customer call. Each call can average 1-3 minutes duration. “That’s over 225 hours of talk time which would require about 6 dedicated staff members to simply only speak to drivers. Zello cuts this down to an average of 30 seconds per call which makes it about 15-20 hours of talk time. That’s a savings of over 200 hours which is huge,” said Anderson.

Employees also benefited from the implementation of Zello’s management console which allows users to create and deploy customized channels with ease. A-Line Messenger created team group channels to make space for their staff to share critical information. Anderson said, “there are so many different ways we have used Zello and we will continue to find new ways to use the product.”

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