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Fleet Dispatch
with Zello Dispatch Hub

With the Zello Dispatch Hub dispatchers and drivers can connect instantly to streamline the dispatching process.
Zello Dispatch Hub is an all-in-one communication solution for companies and teams communicating between dispatchers and drivers or couriers. Dispatchers and drivers can connect with one another at the push of a button to ensure the job is done on time and efficiently, without distractions.

For Dispatchers

Dispatchers share their workload by answering calls from driver all collected in a common queue

The answering dispatcher responds in a one-on-one conversation with the calling driver for distraction-less communication

After completing the call the dispatcher can easily move on to the next call in the queue and assist the next driver

If a call is missed, dispatchers can easily replay any of the messages in the queue

For Drivers

With the press of a button, drivers are connected to all of the connected dispatchers at once.

No need to search for a specific dispatcher, drivers can simply speak into the dispatch channel and wait for the next available dispatcher

Drivers communicate only with dispatchers, which limits distractions and improve their safety

For Supervisors

Drivers can stay in one channel and communicatie with all dispatchers, meaning less time on their devices and more time driving

Keep track of all driver and dispatcher communications with built-in live tracking

Manage dispatchers workload and call queue based off availability

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No credit card required. Create a Dispatch Channel with your free trial to get started!
(If you already have a Zello account, log in to create a dispatch channel and download the desktop app)

Accessories for the road

For drivers who need to clearly hear messages sent by their dispatch in the noisy cab of a truck, use loud Zello-compatible accessories, like external speaker-microphones

If equipped with an Android or iOS device or tablet, you can add the Zello app to your vehicle’s device

Contact us to discuss what combination of devices works best for your business

To get started with Dispatch Hub, you need:

The Dispatch App

The Dispatch App

Available from the Zello Work Console for Windows and Mac OS
A Dispatch Channel

A Dispatch Channel

New type of Zello channel created from the Zello Work Console
The latest mobile App

The latest mobile App

Download from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store
Optional Accessories

Optional Accessories

Recommended accessories: speaker-mics, ear pieces, headsets, etc.