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We are hiring! Six positions are open in Austin, TX. APPLY NOW

Zello: Push-to-Talk for Construction Teams

From field workers to drivers to dispatch supervisors, construction teams collaborate better on Zello.
Effective communication is critical in construction, impacting whether a project comes in on-time and under budget. Drivers and construction workers can’t be distracted by complicated devices while driving or at noisy job sites. They need a communication tool that’s easy to use and crystal clear. Zello is a push-to-talk app construction teams access at the simple push of a button.

Communicate Globally
Unlimited range provides global communication – distance between team members is no longer an obstacle.

Modernize your construction communication with Zello & hardware partners like Honeywell, Sonim & Telo.

Boost Efficiency
Ensure drivers have the latest information for their delivery routes – never miss an important live voice transmission.

Compare the Difference Carrier PTT Radio
Central management via web console
Unlimited range (WiFi & data)
Works with any network & device combination
Replay messages later
High quality, loud audio
Works with rugged devices & accessories
Live location tracking
New Dispatch Hub available
Dedicated priority customer support

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Announcing Dispatch Hub (beta)

Dispatch Hub for drivers and dispatchers is now available for beta testing on Windows and macOS! Dispatch Hub improves the efficiency of your operation by immediately connecting drivers to the first available dispatcher.

The new desktop application for dispatchers adds commonly requested features to Zello. Now dispatchers automatically share the call load as driver requests enter a queue. That means faster response times, fewer missed calls, and more on-time deliveries.

In dispatch channels, drivers only speak to dispatchers, who reply back to each driver individually. Now your fleet has immediate access to all dispatchers without distracting other drivers in the channel.
"Zello has always been a very reliable integration partner and their technology has always been very stable."
- Thomas Sunderland, Trimble Construction Logistics