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As Denmark’s largest retailer, Salling Group prioritizes bringing innovation to the 1,000+ stores under its brands. Salling Group wanted to streamline the way customers requested assistance in stores, which at the time was a doorbell monitored by one employee. If that employee was busy, they would call individuals for backup until they found someone free, which could take up to 10 minutes. Meanwhile, the frustrated customer was left waiting without any indication their request was received.

To replace the doorbells, Salling Group set up Zello Kiosks throughout its stores. Customers request help on a simple touchscreen, which gives confirmation that help is coming and pings a Zello channel staffed by many employees to ensure a prompt response.

In the first month of using Zello Kiosks, Salling Group recorded a 33% increase in customer satisfaction. Salling Group’s Infrastructure Engineer Tobias Rolver estimates that without Zello, each store would require at least 10 additional sales associates to provide equivalent customer service in the same area – effectively saving 25% in labor costs.

Zello allows our employees to communicate seamlessly to ensure our customers have a good experience the moment they walk into our stores.

Tobias Rolver

Infrastructure Engineer, Salling Group

How Salling Group uses Zello

Salling Group employees continue to find new use cases for Zello daily: to send pictures of missing barcodes, to request an item from the warehouse, or to flag a manager for help. Salling Group’s IT department uses Zello’s management console to monitor message traffic to see how many messages are sent and who is answering them, so that stores can be staffed appropriately.

Zello Kiosks have a wide variety of uses for customers as well. For simple questions like locating an item or picking up an online order, customers can simply push a button at the Zello Kiosk rather than searching for an available employee. Staff can easily have a two-way conversation with a customer from anywhere in the store, reducing the time, steps, and floor coverage needed to quickly respond. Other channel members can see that a Kiosk request has been answered, so there’s no confusion or duplicating work.

Innovation with results

In the first 28 days, over 700 customers used Zello Kiosks. In NPS surveys on the ease of finding an employee, customers rated Salling Group an 8 out of 10 after the implementation of the kiosks – an increase of two points. Helping customers where and when they need it removed purchase barriers and positively impacted the bottom line for Salling Group, and employees now send over two million messages on Zello each month.

“In Salling Group stores, the customer needs to feel like it is easy and really convenient and they need to have help as fast as they can,” said Rolver. “The Zello push-to-talk app has been an indispensable tool for us.”

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