Customer Stories

Salling Group improves customer experience and Net Promoter Scores by 200% with Zello Kiosks in their retail stores

As the largest retailer in Denmark, Salling Group is consistently on the cutting edge of technology to drive their reputation as a modern retailer fit for the future. With one of their core values to “continuously invest in activities and new solutions that our customers find valuable, inspiring and helpful,” Salling Group has put technology at the forefront of their business model. After partnering with Zello to launch a voice-first push-to-talk solution for optimizing communication in its stores, COO Steen Isdahl was ready to take it to another level. Installing self-serve kiosks throughout their large format retail stores allows shoppers to request assistance from store employees using a simple touch screen interface.

Challenge: Customer Needs Go Unanswered

In both the Bilka and føtex storefronts, shoppers were using in-store phones or doorbell features throughout the store when they needed assistance. However, both options were only able to connect to one employee at any given time. Oftentimes, employees were helping other customers or handling other important store business, resulting in longer wait times for customers or unanswered calls altogether. With frustrated customers impeding Salling Group’s commitment to a better and easier shopping experience in a modern store, Infrastructure Engineer, Tobias Rolver, once again turned to Zello to solve their challenge in a unique and innovative way.

Solution: How Zello Helped

Building upon Zello’s push-to-talk technology, a retail kiosk was designed to deploy more instantaneous responses for customers seeking help. Using a simple touch-screen interface placed strategically throughout the stores, customers push a button, activating the Zello Kiosk channel which allows employees to easily provide prompt, targeted service.

“The Zello push-to-talk app has been an indispensable tool for us,” said Tobias Rolver of Salling Group. “It allows our employees to communicate seamlessly to ensure our customers have a good experience the moment they walk into our stores. Zello Kiosk seems to be a natural extension of that, as our customers are happy to not have to wait too long for a response to their queries. Our employees are equally happy to reduce their footsteps, as it can be a grueling day in large stores like ours.”

“They all get the message when somebody needs help and they can see if someone already accepted it. We wanted to go away from one dedicated person to handle all the customers. In Salling Group stores, the customer needs to feel like it is easy and really convenient and they need to have help as fast as they can,” said Rolver.

Conclusion: Marked Improvement in Customer Satisfaction

Zello Kiosk was the right solution at the right time and has allowed Salling Group to increase customer satisfaction in its Bilka and føtex stores. Helping customers where and when they need it removes purchase barriers and positively impacts the bottom line. The kiosk success was validated through Net Promoter Scores (NPS) for “It was easy to get in contact with an employee in the electronics department.” In fact, in just 28 days, over 690 customers were able to utilize Zello Kiosk in seven of their stores which increased their NPS by nearly 200%.

“That was our turning point,” said Rolver. After the successful deployment of kiosks in both Bilka and føtex stores, more have been ordered and are on the way.

According to Salling Group, “We embrace change, adapt quickly to new demands and never stop learning.” With an eye on technology as a means to achieve their goals, Salling Group has introduced the Zello kiosk and continues to keep their customers satisfied maintaining their status as the largest retailer in Denmark.