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A mobile app
the walkie talkie

Talk with your best friend –

or 1,000 colleagues –

anywhere in the world

Talk with your best friend –
or 1,000 colleagues –
anywhere in the world

Zello is a push-to-talk app for mobile devices and PCs
Two versions: a free personal app, and a paid version for work
Available worldwide, wherever there’s WiFi or data service
Unlike walkie talkies, no limits to users, channels or uses


With 120 million users worldwide, the free Zello app is a global social radio network.

Connect with people anywhere, singly or in groups. Join public channels. Create your own.


ZelloWork gives thousands of organizations their own private push-to-talk network.

Define how your network operates. Manage users and groups. Track users’ locations.

Our inspiration is the
human voice

We learn to text and email.
We are wired to talk.

When we talk, we share information. But we also share meaning and intent and emotion.
As a result, we are less likely to misinterpret the information we exchange.
We make fewer mistakes. We are more productive. And we are more connected.

ZelloWork Customers

Restoration Hardware is a speciality home furnishings company based in California. With over 100 stores located in the United States and…
The W Seattle is a beacon in the heart of the city – close to art and music centers, financial and…
ComTrans is a non-emergency transportation company providing services to communities in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona, as well as San Diego, California.…