Push-to-Talk, for Teams Working From Home

For the conversations that happen between meetings. For the personal connections that make your workplace hum. For ensuring ideas keep flowing, Zello is your push-to-talk virtual water cooler.
Talk like you’re in the same room, even when you can’t be.
When unexpected circumstances result in teams working from home, it’s vital to maintain accountability, inspiration, and personal connection.

Enter Zello Push-to-Talk

Boost Productivity
Help your team focus and set boundaries between work and leisure by switching between synchronous and asynchronous communication.

Maintain Creativity
Get ideas flowing and team members expressing themselves openly by creating space for casual interactions outside of formal meetings.

Build Work-From-Home Culture
Keep dialogue open, negotiate expectations and overcome the mental health burden of limited personal interaction.

Virtual MeetingsWorkplace Instant Messaging
Revisit previous messages
Developer Tools (API & SDK Access)
Get your team’s full attention
Natural, nuanced voice conversations
Instant voice for quick questions
Truly private, secure channels
Emergency Alerts
Moderation tools, assign roles and privileges
Verify identity with any combination of phone and email

For Team Leaders

Get projects over the line, even in times of uncertainty.

When businesses face increased pressure, confidence becomes essential. Sustained progress can give employees and customers security.

Communication is key to maintaining high-quality work in unusual circumstances. Accountability, inspiration and collaboration are all more challenging at a distance. A virtual meeting might get the team talking, but sacrifices spontaneous interactivity. Instant messaging can help, but lacks the vital energy and emotional component of the human voice.

Zello allows team members to communicate flexibly, broadcasting to a group, leaving behind a message that can be played back later, or grabbing co-workers’ attention when needed — just like the interactions of a physical office.

Try Zello Work for 30 Days

No credit card required. Create a private push-to-talk network for your business!

For HR and Culture Professionals

Keep it personal, without technology getting in the way.

Distance and digitization of communications can pose a challenge to the relationships upon which great work relies. Emails can be misinterpreted. Virtual meetings can feel stressful or strange. The blurring of private home life and public work life can impact employee well-being.

Zello offers a way to empower every team member, allowing them to take ownership of their workload and their availability to connect.

The push-to-talk experience, modeled on walkie talkies, feels familiar and natural. Employees can reply to messages later, or have fully engaged conversations - whichever suits the context.

For Everyone Working From Home

Stay connected, regardless of location.

When you can’t be with your co-workers in person, work itself can feel distant, chaotic and even lonely.

In these conditions, it’s more important than ever to set expectations between managers and reports, connect on a personal level with teammates, and define boundaries between work and leisure.

Casual conversation, whether work-related or not, feels out of place during virtual meetings. Constant notifications can make instant messaging more of a distraction than a tool for productivity.

Zello makes it easier to stay in touch with your team on your own terms, making working from home feel natural and comfortable. Rather than setting up a formal meeting or waiting for someone to respond to a written message, just push to talk.