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How It Works

Managing ZelloWork Define and oversee your network
Using ZelloWork A full-featured push-to-talk app
Extending ZelloWork Enterprise and specialized features

Message Vault

Your ZelloWork database of record, in the cloud or on your hardware

Store and retrieve all messages, alerts and photos

Review any conversation or content, from any
user or channel

Export audio files in MP3 format, and transfer
Message Vault content to other platforms,
including analytic tools

Radio Gateways

Extend and Improve your LMR

Connect your radios to ZelloWork users

A simple box connects Zello on a PC with USB and an audio cable to your radio. Learn more about our radio gateway solution.

Customize ZelloWork, or integrate it
into your environment

Use our management APIs and platform SDKs to optimize ZelloWork
on your devices or enhance the apps you already use


Extend ZelloWork to your supply chain or your other offices

A special Channel that connects ZelloWork networks

Connect your store with your delivery service, link your construction site to your cement vendor, or bring together your regional IT managers

Location Tracking

Know where your people are and where they’ve been

See ZelloWork users on a map

Track their location and movements, anywhere in the world

Click on a user’s name to see where they are

Any scale, from national to job site

Configurable location refresh frequency

Set to 5 or 10 seconds to follow users by car or even on foot

Determine at a glance users who are offline

Upgrade to Premium Maps

Optional paid add-on

Get a daylong map view of a user’s movements

Port user location to Google Maps for traffic and detailed location data

Each location marker includes the time of day, user’s speed and battery strength

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