Zello Gateway

Add more features to your LMR with Zello apps


Enhance your two-way radio to reach more people in more places, including those who are out of range. Rather than relying on rugged devices with limited range, your team can use their own iPhones, iPads, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices to communicate. And do that without the high cost of radio with limited range.

Zello gateways can interconnect any radio system to the apps or to each other. This includes conventional and trunked analog FM, ETSI DMR, ETSI TETRA, MotoTRBO, APCO P25 FDMA, and NXDN.

You can link remote radio sites using only 10Kbs from your Internet connection.

Compatible radios and interfaces

Zello's gateway controls the radio with RS232 and VOX modes. It works with any sound card radio interface including:

from Tigertronics
from West
Mountain Radio
from microHAM
from Buxcomm
from Critical RF


The Zello LMR gateway is included in Zello Windows PC Dispatch software. Each radio channel connects to the PC through a USB adapter. (Up to six channels per PC.)

A single gateway uses the same capacity as five active users from your Zello for Work subscription or Enterprise server.

To try the gateway, you'll need to purchase a Zello for Work subscription with at least six users (the gateway +1), which costs $36 per month or about $1 per day. You can cancel at any time and receive an immediate credit for any remaining days of the month.

Case Studies

Here are two customer stories of how the gateway saves money and has a wider network range.

Mining Company

The company's employees talk to each other through rugged radios. Some work a mile deep into the earth. A gateway to ethernet connects them to managers who may be driving in the next town - also out of range. These managers can use their Android phone instead of a separate bulky radio with a separate charger and a separate specialized headset.

Conference serving more than 50,000 attendees

Organizers of a large conference rent 500 2—way radios for three weeks with channels for security, drivers, stage setup, concession stands, tickets and so on. Some pros use it, but it's mostly the volunteers who do. The radios cost $5000 each, so organizers rent them for $15 per day. However, the radios can't reach the airport (too far) or inside some hotels. Instead of using an expensive radio, volunteers installed Zello app on their own iPhones, iPads, devices running Android or BlackBerry. The service works everywhere, has message history for missed calls and fits in their pockets.