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The Best Global Communications App For Travel Or Work: Two-Way Radio On Any Smartphone And It's Free
129-year-old Rose Parade is getting tech upgrades to track attendees, give better directions
This Walkie-Talkie App is Helping People Get Up-to-Date Information About Loved Ones in Puerto Rico
When Disaster Hits and Landlines Fail, Social Media Is a Lifeline
I downloaded an app. And suddenly, was part of the Cajun Navy.
As Hurricane Irma Hits, People Turn to Zello App
When Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Struck, This App Hit the Top of the Charts. Here's What Its CEO Has Learned.
This walkie talkie app got six million new users in one week as Florida prepared for Hurricane Irma
As Hurricane Irma Devastates, Walkie Talkie App Zello Adds 6 Million Users In A Week
Zello tops US app store as the walkie-talkie for hurricane volunteers
Hurricane Irma pushed two lesser-known apps to the top of the App Store
How an App You've Probably Never Heard of Helped Save Houston--and Could Help Florida Next
Hurricane Irma boosts downloads of walkie-talkie app Zello
Walkie talkie app Zello tops iTunes chart during Hurricane Irma – but started life in Russia back in 2007
Free walkie-talkie app tops App Store charts ahead of Hurricane Irma
Zello Walkie Talkie App Connects Hurricane Victims To Rescuers
An Austin-made app proved crucial to Harvey rescuers
#SOSHouston: How Apps and Social Media Assist Harvey Rescue Efforts
The ‘Cajun Navy’s’ secret weapon for saving lives: The human voice
From Cajun Navy to Houston midwives, Zello is go-to app for Harvey rescues
Rescue crews are using Zello, an app that lets people turn their smartphones into virtual walkie-talkies.
Hurricane Harvey: Social media and mobile tech come to the rescue in Texas
Crystal River man steps into rescue role
Port Arthur Faces Harvey Flooding Disaster: ‘Our Whole City Is Underwater’
Zello app connects storm victims with rescuers
Walkie-Talkie App Zello Proves Critical in Harvey Rescue Efforts
Social Media Saved Harvey Victims In Texas — But That's Not Really A Plan
Technology Connects Volunteer Rescuers With Harvey Flood Victims
The apps helping Harvey rescuers connect with people in the chaos
This one free app is helping saves the lives of Hurricane Harvey victims
Crowdsourced command centre co-ordinates rescue efforts in Houston
A three-day-old crowdsourcing website is helping volunteers save lives in hurricane-hit Houston
After Katrina wreaked havoc in Louisiana, they formed the Cajun Navy. Now they’re rescuing Texas
Social media's best qualities shine during Harvey response
On Roads Turned Waterways, Volunteers Improvise to Save the Trapped and Desperate
Houston residents and civilians turn to Zello app to coordinate rescue efforts
Volunteer 'Cajun Navy' is saving lives in Houston amid Harvey's torrential rains
Good Samaritans Rescue Fellow Citizens Amid Catastrophic Floods
l ‘Cajun Navy’ races from Louisiana to Texas, using boats to pay it forward
'Cajun Navy' heads to Texas to aid Harvey rescues
Stranded hurricane survivors use Zello app to get help
Rural transit agency makes transition from LMR to push-to-talk-over-cellular (PoC) solution
Regional Transit System Swaps Radio for Cellular Saving Thousands and Improving Services
Armed robbery at iStore i’Langa
Industry High Achievers Find New Ways To Excel
Hot New Trends in Communications Products
Pryme teams with Zello, others to provide accessories in fast-growing cellular PTT market
This Sleek New Hotel Uses Technology to Maintain Order
Russia blocks app used to organize protests
Russia blocks protest app for refusing to share data
One of the World’s Top Protest Apps Was Just Blocked in Russia
Russia Blocks Walkie-Talkie App Zello As Truckers Strike
We’re not breaking the law, say lorry drivers
Kidnapped doctor saved from hijackers
In Louisiana, Private Disaster Relief Outperforms the Government
How the "Cajun Navy" is Using Tech To Rescue Flood Victims in Louisiana
'Cajun Navy' Organizes Rescue Efforts in Louisiana Floods
Federal Agency Adds Wireless PTT Over Cellular to its Communications Suite
New app to curb crime, Ballito
Wireless Communication System Helps Trailer Manufacturer Improve Assembly Plant Efficiency
Zello creates hands-free communications alternative
Uber Drivers and Others in the Gig Economy Take a Stand
Police Radios Transition into a New Era
These Android Apps Make Ringing Smartphones Exciting Again
Media in Conflict: The Case of Zello
Trimble and Zello Collaborate on Enhanced Push-to-Talk for Construction Material Producers
Trimble integrates Zello push-to-talk app into construction-logistics software suite
Trimble Teams with Zello to Deliver Improved Communications in its TrimFleet Suite for Construction Material Producers
Daghestani IS 'Media Activist' Catches Eye Of Berlin Police
4 Decisive Communication Technology Trends For 2015
Zello Channel Brings Aid to Flood Victims
Zello@Work : A Voice App for Faster Hotel Communications
Zello is a Must-have App for Apple Watch
Zello - A New Option for using Cell Phones in Vehicles
Kazakhstan Channel keeps Drivers Informed about Traffic
Zello Helps Thwart Robbers in South Africa
Zello PTT Walkie-Talkie app would help you make calls even without a SIM!
Q&A: Zello, app used by pro-Russians in Ukraine
Why do separatists use internet radio Zello?
Revolutionaries around the world add new social media networks to tech toolkit
Global revolutions helped by technology
Protesters in Venezuela, Ukraine turn to peer-to-peer messaging app
Internet a crucial Venezuela battleground
Twitter, Other Apps Disrupted in Venezuela Amid Protests

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