Meet the dream team

Co-founder and CTO Alex Gavrilov, the heart of Zello, has been developing Zello since 2005.

CEO Bill Moore first teamed up with Alex way back in 2002 when he founded TuneIn, the most popular conventional radio app. Now he’s excited about creating a new space in radio: social radio.

Co-founder Alexander Vinogradov, system architect and developer, is responsible for Zello server-side adventures. A genius in cryptography and peer-to-peer coding, he's the epitome of all things good in Russian programmers.

Bob Baumann is a talented salesperson working from Dallas.

Programmer Eugene Mymrin focuses on Zello’s Android application. Before Zello, Eugene built awesomeness into TuneIn’s Android app.

Yes, we have another brilliant developer named Eugene in Eugene Potapov. No matter how rare or weird the bug is, Eugene finds it and fixes it. He has bugs quaking in their boots.

Jim Pickering is a full-blooded programmer who works on our iOS app.

Mazen Jundi is a business development manager with a Z in his name. Maz works from the Big Apple in Manhattan.

Mikhail Kyurshin speaks fluent HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, MySQL and others. An all-around web developer and Apple guy, he lives and breathes Zello.

Nayeli Cortina devotes her time keeping our Zello@Work customers happy. She spreads the happiness to the team too.

Working from St. Petersburg, Veronika Zaslavskaya manages sales and marketing. She's the first Zello employee with a “Z” in her name. AweZome!

You? Now hiring!

If you’re looking for a great start-up in Austin with lots of traction and work, you’re in luck. Zello is hiring. We’re looking for a full-time community support manager, an entry level job for someone especially bright and motivated who speaks Spanish. Email jobs@zello.com.