Moderator Guidelines

Zello’s public channels are for all of us. It’s the channel owners and moderators who make the difference between a fun and robust channel and one that pushes people away. Sometimes you have to take action to block users. Just be sure not to violate the community guidelines and arbitrarily remove users.
If you don’t want a public channel that everyone can access, you can create a password-protected channel to control who can join your channel.

Valid reasons to block users

The following are examples of reasons to block a user. You can refer to Zello Community Guidelines for details.

Invalid reasons for blocking a user

The following are examples of reasons NOT to block a user.

Trending channels for Moderators

If you want to grow your audience try these tips so your channel is available in the Trending list:

Channel ownership transfers

As a channel owner, you may transfer channel ownership to another user at any time. This user must also be a moderator in your channel. Transfers are permanent and cannot be reversed by Zello. Never give out your account password to other users or pass channels to other users on a temporary basis. Owners are responsible for all activity and consequences resulting from channel transfers. Zello will not consider any requests to intervene or change ownership back to the previous owner.