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The Zello app uses WiFi or cellular data to create a virtual radio network for your event. It runs on any smartphone and takes less than 5 minutes to set up.


No more radios

Dealing with radios can be messy. They get lost or stolen, break, or lose charge suddenly. Zello runs on personal phones.

Unlimited channels

Create as many group channels as you need. Instantly add or remove users.

Unlimited range

Zello uses internet on your phone — allowing it to work where radios won’t. You stay connected whether on site or remote.

Smarter communication

Go beyond radio-talk with text, images and location tracking. Archive all messages and create debrief reports with our optional Message Vault.

Connect the entire team

No hardware means it takes only a few seconds to add a team member. Everybody gets a radio and you still save up to 90% in comparison.

Prepare in advance

Setup and test the system well in advance. You'll avoid the show day stress and can reuse your configuration at your next event.

Learn how to use ZelloWork at your event

We share our experience of providing communication to dozens of events with as many as 800,000 participants

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Simple pricing, no surprises

$6 per user per month

  • No contracts, cancel any time
  • Add or remove users as needed with charges prorated per day
  • Prorated refund for any unused days


Q: How do prorated refunds work?

If you order the service and cancel before the billing period ends, we'll give you a refund for any unused days. For example if you paid $600 for 100 users subscription and cancel in 10 days, you'll get $400 back. If you paid using Visa or Mastercard you'll get your refund back to the card you used for the payment. AmEx refunds will be handled manually by our support staff.

Q: Which phones are supported?

Zello runs on most modern phones and tablets. We support Android 4.0+, iOS 8.0+, and Windows PC for those at workstations.

Q: Will Zello work without internet connection?

No. Zello relies on internet connection to transmit messages and needs WiFi or cellular data to work. For reliable operation at the event it is critical that you use a private WiFi network, which is not shared with event guests or disable WiFi on the phones to use LTE or 3G data. Read more about staying connected in this support article.

Q: Can I use Zello with a headset?

Yes. Zello is an app so it'll work with regular wired or Bluetooth headsets. Speciality push-to-talk heasets are available, which let you operate the app without touching the phone.

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